Your 360º experience in Valencia

ESMOVIA experience is a continuous learning that is prepared to all people who live their Erasmus+ experience for the labour market developing social abilities that allow confronting all type of obstacles. That is why ESMOVIA created ESMOVIA Club, a scene with three types of activities in which students work some fundamental competences to their work future and acquire social abilities through sports, technology, culture and art.

As well as these activities are attractive, also are educational and guiding: students acquire social abilities in a formative context that differs to formal education. It is necessary to understand that over their work life, people have to be able to work as a team, to manage their emotions and to relate with others. All these are necessary for the personal comfort and to stand out in a competitive work market. 

ESMOVIA Club was born with the purpose of offering an experience of participation, socialization and strategic learning of transversal competences for all European participants within the mobility projects. ESMOVIA created ESMOVIA Club in order to answer to the need of offering informal activities to the participants during their stay in Valencia. ESMOVIA encourages participants to have a 360 degree experience, enhancing both their hard and soft skills. 

  • ESMOVIA Tech: 

A makers space where participants can get closer to the technology in an informal way, using ‘learn by doing’ system while having fun and meeting other European participants.

Skills: Technological, teamwork, creativity, responsibility, flexibility.

  • ESMOVIA on Stage:

This activity is all about you. It is a trip to discover yourself and your creativity through sessions such as mimics, clown and juggling, interpretation, improvisation and aerial silk. You will become a pro in non-verbal communication!

Skills: Self-improvement, self-knowledge, communication, problem solving, creativity, teamwork.

  • ESMOVIA Fit: 

A model of outdoor training adapted to the needs of our participants. Through sports they will develop values and skills in a healthy and funny way, improving self-esteem, learning respect, encouraging teamwork, reducing stress, stimulating the brain and promoting social development and integration.

Skills: Persistency, collaboration, positivity, motivation, determination, fair competition, teamwork.

What kind of abilities work on ESMOVIA Club activities?


Flexibility and adaptation to change: They allow maintaining the spirit, and promoting tolerance and accepting new ideas, facts or different situations. They influence the will to get rid of benefits that are no longer held by new or different obligations to assume. 

Collaboration and cooperation: The ability to collaborate and cooperate with others is one of the most demanded competences in the world of work. Its value lies in enhancing the efforts of all, reducing the time of action and increasing the effectiveness of the results. 

Communication skills: Maintaining positive and satisfying relationships with the rest of the people requires both the ability to listen and the ability to share ideas and feelings in the most effective way. 

Motivation, determination and persistence: They are the necessary condition to achieve our goals and to improve. It impels us to perform acts or make decisions on a day-today basis and to maintain them despite the obstacles present along the way. 

Self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-improvement: Consists in becoming aware of oneself, both strengths and weaknesses, learning to value themselves to increase self-control, clarify objectives and overcome obstacles with confidence. 

We want our participants to be ready for the adventure that is waiting for them here in Valencia! But as for all adventures to go well and finish in the most positive way, a previous detailed preparation is needed!

During the years, ESMOVIA has created and introduced different tools to support our team in the organization of the mobility and to make things easier for our partners and participants.

In ESMOVIA we are supported by a range of mobility tools that will make your journey run smoothly:


Our MAnagement SYstem for MObility collects all the information related to the project and its participants and produces all of the necessary documents.

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Our previous online preparation regarding work, the culture, traditions and the language, is a must in all the well organized journeys.

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3.) Welcome Meeting

With our onsite preparation to the internship in Valencia you will be ready to start this experience!

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4.) ESMOVIA traineeship handbook

Your ESMOVIA guide always ready to be used, with useful information about Valencia, tips for the internship and all the paper-work to be done during the stay.

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5.) Evaluation System

Through the years, we have developed our own monitoring, evaluation and certification system.

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6.) Valencia City Tour

A walk on the narrow central streets is the perfect start to know this wonderful city.

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You have now all the tools to enjoy this journey with ESMOVIA!

During the first days in Valencia, we organize a City Tour for all the participants that decide to join our ESMOVIA experience!

The best way to start your mobility

We consider this activity a must in the mobility programme, as it helps participants discover the city center, its squares, modern buildings, and narrow central streets. In this way students feel more self-confident and there are less probabilities to get lost while walking in the center or while reaching ESMOVIA.

During the City Tour, participants realize how close our office is situated to the most touristicplaces: Plaza de Toros, main train station, city hall square, central market.

Some details

The walking city tour lasts around one hour and is led by our official guides in English, Spanish or Italian, depending on the characteristics of each group. The guide offers historical insights and fun facts that participants can also easily remember during the following weeks.


The participants can also ask for some tips on what to visit and eat during their free time, how to reach the touristic areas and where and when there are free entrances and events that are taking places during their stay period.

More information on what to visit can be found in the ESMOVIA handbook  and in our website.

Let’s start walking!

During the Welcome Meeting in our office we hand the participants their ESMOVIA mobility kit: the ESMOVIA traineeship handbook, a t-shirt and a tote bag are always included!

From the idea to the result

ESMOVIA traineeship handbook is the result of various years of work and time dedicated to find solutions that can simplify the big amount of information exchange between the participants and our staff.

The handbook reflects the entire spirit of ESMOVIA: understanding our participants’ needs, providing them with user friendly tools that make their experience in Valencia profitable and enjoyable.


Our aim has been to create a tool that collects all the mobility information in one place but without leaving out the interactive and friendly user aspects.

After a deep analysis of the beneficiaries’ profile it was clear for us that this handbook had to have a catchy design, be easy to read and include the most recent technologies such as QR codes.

Let’s have some insights!


1. ESMOVIA experience – Introduction to this wonderful experience

2. How it worksExplanation of all the services and processes, so students can always consult it

3. Discovering ValenciaDetails about life, customs, traditions, gastronomy and places to visit during free time.  It includes different QR codes to have all the information on your mobile

4. Are you following us?Social networks to follow

5. NotebookSection to write new words for daily use and  more technical words for the work placement

6. Terms & Conditions – Terms and conditions of all the services foreseen in the project to be signed between ESMOVIA and the participant

7. Traineeship documents – In the last part of the handbook, participants can find all the internship related documents, with a very easy system to rip them out:

  • Attendance Record
  • Participant initial evaluation
  • Participant final evaluation
  • Company final evaluation
  • Share your experience
  • Participant and teacher language course evaluation (when foreseen)

Curious to receive a copy? Join us for your ESMOVIA experience!