In Erasmus+ 2021-2027 the physical mobility can be blended with virtual activities. In ESMOVIA we have worked hard to offer to all our participants the possibility of doing an online preparation prior to their geographical mobility.

In fact, the blended mobility is at the core of VIRGIL-MOB: VIRtual Gateway to Innovative Learning in MOBility.

VIRGIL-MOB is an online course, developed entirely by ESMOVIA and composed of different modules that will prepare the students for a better internship experience abroad. The course aims to make them think about real situations that they will face once here in Valencia.


The course VIRGIL-MOB has been tailored for the European learners that will participate in a mobility project in Valencia with ESMOVIA. Its design has been shaped based on the profile of the users: youngsters, with a high use of technology and consumers of fast digital information.


The course has a duration of 2 weeks with an stimated total involvement of 20 hours. It can be done at students’ own pace, so they can review the content anytime. 


VIRGIL-MOB has been divided in 2 modules, with different units:

  • Module 1 – Career Guidance
    • Unit 1 – Self-Analysis
    • Unit 2 – Curriculum Vitae
    • Unit 3 – Cover letters
    • Unit 4 – Interviews
  • Module 2 – Spanish Survival Kit
    • Unit 1 – Daily life
    • Unit 2 – At home
    • Unit 3 – At the company
    • Unit 4 – Free time

All the course content is provided through short videos of a duration of 2-4 minutes, followed by a set of multiple choice questions and final tasks to be fulfilled by the learners.


After each video, participants are requested to answer different questionnaires and every unit includes a final task. A tutor from ESMOVIA evaluates the final tasks and provides participants with a feedback.


At the completion of the course, participants receive 2 certificates with the description of the learning outcomes. Many partners are already inputing those 20 hours course as blended mobility as encouraged by Erasmus+ programme.

Are you ready for VIRGIL-MOB? Let’s jump right into it!