When doing internships through the Erasmus program, and also during professional seminars and study visits, students always have the opportunity to practice and improve Spanish, the second most spoken native language in the world.

On top of that, as part of our training mobility offer, ESMOVIA provides Spanish language and Spanish culture courses taught by native teachers who are specialized in teaching the language to foreign students.

Learning method

Our learning method is based on communication and during the course we actively exercise the four basic skills in Spanish: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

During our Spanish courses, we roleplay daily routine situations such as introducing oneself, moving around the city, buying in a store and socializing at home and in the training company. Furthermore, the vocabulary of each sector is a key part of our courses, as our method is orientated towards getting the students to deal with real communicative situations in the context of job simulation, around town or in their accommodation from day one.

Communicate in Spanish

In order to fully develop the skills to express oneself in this language we especially focus on Spanish conversation. Students also practice vocabulary of their sector that will be very useful during their internships in Spain and when it’s time to communicate or understand the instructions from tutors and colleagues in the Valencian companies.

Learn Spanish with ESMOVIA

Los participantes realizan una prueba de nivel al principio y al final de la estancia para valorar de esta forma la evolución y el progreso realizado.

Además, todos reciben un certificado final del curso donde se indica el nivel de idioma adquirido, de acuerdo con el Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las lenguas.

Get to know Spanish culture

In our Spanish language courses we don’t only learn to communicate in Spanish, we also dig deeper into the Spanish culture with its traditions, gastronomy and festivities… learning, all in all, how to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.