Training and mobility

Getting trained in a foreign country is a unique opportunity. Getting to know a new culture, a new language and making new friends is a life changing experience for good.

In ESMOVIA we offer different possibilities to train yourself in Valencia: from internships in companies, to Spanish courses and programs such as study visits, seminars and professional development courses.

Training and mobility for students

During their training in Valencia, students learn a new language: Spanish, which is the second most spoken native language in the world. While completing their internships in Valencian companies, they will get acquainted with people from different cultures and will increase their independence and confidence, enhancing their team working skills and acquiring greater capabilities of analysis and flexibility.

Internships in Spanish companies

Working experiences in a real work environment.

Professional seminars

Training courses in different specialization sectors, taught by experts.

Study visits

Short training programs with visits to leading national companies.

Spanish courses and Spanish culture

Courses taught by native teachers who specialize in teaching Spanish to foreign students.

Training for teachers

European teachers who enjoy a training and mobility experience with ESMOVIA, get the unique opportunity to meet other international colleagues in an exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as good practices.

Professional development courses

Courses that help you be up to date regarding the latest methodologies applied to training and teaching.


Similar to internships in a company, where there is an exchange of knowledge and good practice amongst peers.

Professional seminars

Brief training courses on different specialized sectors and taught by experts.

Study visits

Short training programs with visits to leading national companies.

Evaluation, certification and final report

Validation of all the training experiences for students and teachers through monitoring, evaluation, certification and final report.


Common methodological framework to transfer learning credits from a qualification system to another. It allows the recognition of the mobility experience through training credits.

april, 2024

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