News 1 February 2018


The first partner Meeting of the “Quality Qualification for Vet – QQVET” project was held in Brussels, from the 12th to the 13th of January.

The QQVET Project, coordinated by ESMOVIA, aims to promote the Work Based Learning among VET providers, VET students and other stakeholders in order to increase the quality of the WBL at all levels and to improve the cooperation between companies and VET institutions.

To achieve the aim of the project, partners will be working together for 2 years, carrying out joint actions, like: producing an Impact Study to show the impact of WB experiences on all the actors involved, creating a Transnational Network of quality stakeholders, producing a Documentary Series to motivate and inspire and a Recommendation Pack to increase the quality of the training experiences.

During the Kick-off Meeting, partner organizations from Spain, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Czech Republic have been reviewing the project activities and set the framework for a fruitful future collaboration, sharing responsibilities and establishing quality common standards for activities and results.

On the first day, the meeting took place at the European Economic and Social Committee headquarter. We could also counted on the collaboration of some EESC members, that introduced to us the organization’s functions and informed us of the work the Committee has been doing to improve the quality of apprenticeships in Europe.