News 24 October 2016

KA2 Erasmus+ “Social Digital Mentors” training session in Athens

A Training session inside the KA2 Erasmus+ project “Social Digital Mentors” has taken place in Athens from 17 to 23 June 2016.

During those days, 50 unemployed adult people, coming from Italy, Spain, Portugal Greece and United Kingdom, selected by the partner organizations were trained on how to use internet and social networks to improve their opportunities of accessing the labour market.

Training was organized through different workshops on topics like “Create your Europass CV”, “What is mentoring” “Egosurfing” and “Creation and management of your digital identity”.

After the workshops, all participants were asked to work in groups and to produce different Power Point presentations with topics connected with the project. In particular, they were asked to illustrate following topics:

  • How you see social media
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Use of social media for finding a job
  • How social media can affect your digital reputation
  • Videos and other resources on the Internet
  • Bad / Good examples of use of social media
  • Participants had 15 minutes to present their ideas to the rest of the groups and to discuss about them.

The project also has foreseen moments of socialization and exchange of cultural experiences with the organization by the host partners of an excursion to Peloponnesus and with a multi-cultural night where all partners presented and shared a selection of typical local food. During these social activities, participants were invited to take pictures as examples of good and bad practices in the use of social media.

Training activity finished with the issuing of certificates and the evaluation of the activity.