News 28 April 2016

Third meeting of KA2 Erasmus+ RMT

Last 14th and 15th April we took part in the Third meeting of RMT Project “Erasmus+: The renewal of transnational mobility, a new opportunity for people looking to enter the labour market and for businesses” in Berlin.

RMT is a Strategic Partnership we are involved in since 2014 and it is aimed on one hand to facilitate the recognition of periods of mobility as a means to acquire qualifications and develop personal and professional capacities and to improve the participation of businesses all along the entire mobility process, and on the other hand to enhance the employability of target groups looking to enter the job market and to create a support tools for all the stakeholders of the area of careers and job market guidance to enable them to make full use of pedagogical resources and to integrate them in their professional activities.

During the Berliner meeting, there were presented the companies survey’s results and the guidelines to the edition of the final Companies good practices Compendium contribution.

And among others activities, the partners chose and validated the visual identity of the Project.

More information on the project can be found on: