News 1 June 2018

KA2 Erasmus+ project “THE EUROPEAN GATEWAY” – 5th Transnational Meeting in Greece

From the 22nd to the 24th of May, our Greek partner, C.O.P.A.E. Ilis, hosted the 5th transnational meeting of The European Gateway KA2 Erasmus+ project, in the city of Amaliada.

During 3 days, partners have been gathering in the House of Culture, where they have worked together, presenting the progresses on the results production, sharing feedbacks about the transnational experimental mobility of trainees and setting up a schedule for the next activities and tasks.

Beside the enriching participation to the work session of companies, trainers and trainees from all the participating countries, we could also benefit from a space for self-assessment, facilitated by French external evaluators, who provided us with a methodology and tools to analyze project outcomes and internal working system.

On the 23rd of May, a Dissemination event took place with the aim to raise awareness about the project at local level and officially recognize the participation and the role covered by different stakeholders. Besides the presentation of the project, a space was dedicated to intervention of Italian and French trainees, telling about their mobility experience in Greece and a participatory workshop was also organized with the aim to collect feedbacks, ideas and suggestion from Greek and foreign key actors about the project and its impact.

Public authorities were also present, showing their support and appreciation for the project.

Thanks to our hosting partner, we could get in contact with local context, appreciating the richness and warmth of Greek culture and people!

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