News 20 July 2018

Work Based Learning 2.0 Final Conference

On the 14 June 2018 took place the final conference of the KA2 Erasmus Plus Project Work Based Learning 2.0. – WBL 2.0.,  an Strategic Partnership in the field of VET.

The final conference was held in collaboration with IES Mestre Ramon Esteve, a VET training centre from Catadau (Valencia). The conference was hold in the Culture House of Catadau and was attended by 72 VET students and 14 VET trainers  and directors of VET schools as well as local authorities.

The attendees of the conference were students and trainers that had recently participated in an internship period abroad, so the conference content was extremely related to their personal experience.

The WBL 2.0 project aims to enhance the cooperation between VET providers and companies to promote Work Based Learning and prevent demotivation of the trainees caused by the lack of practical application of what they learn.

During the conference, the results of the project were presented to the participants, in particular:

  • Videos about social media marketing strategies of real companies
  • Interview videos with entrepreneurs about their experience and their employees education and competences needs
  • Case scenarios to work with the videos
  • Guidelines for the different stakeholders taking part in a mobility project
  • The online platform for mobilities
  • Collection of useful tools for managing mobilities

A special attention was given to the video of Monica Muñoz, director and co-founder of El Moli Lab, a creative space and co-working, where she stress the importance of work based learning approach as well as the need of employees able to work in multi-cultural environments, with competences in foreign languages, team building and problem solving.

After some minutes dedicated to questions and answers the conference  was concluded.