News 3 March 2017


ESMOVIA has participated last week in a conference organized by the Italian training centre IRFIP with the topic of the Internationalization of competences and international mobility as a way of improving participants value in the labour market.

In the meeting have participated different representatives of the Puglia Region, the association Scuola Centrale Formazione as well as different Italian training centers of Hospitality, tourism and catering of the area.

During the conference, the training course “Kitchen operator” was introduced to the participants. ESMOVIA is a partner in this course and will be providing internships in Spain in restaurant and hotels of Valencia. This internship will be part of the training path of the participants contributing to their education and preparation to the labour market.

ESMOVIA highlighted the big impact that an Erasmus experience has on students, improving their transversal competences and at the same time their professional value, making them better people, more tolerant, communicative, curious and confident, but also more competitive and ready to answer the employers requests.