News 10 January 2019

Training and mobility, the keys to be prepare to the future

2019 deadline for Erasmus+ Mobility projects for learners and staff is here!

Training and Mobility are essential activities to get a better preparation for your future at a personal and professional level. Leaving the comfort zone, expanding your knowledge and facing new perspectives, visiting unknown cities, living new experiences and discovering different customs… they are unique opportunities that Erasmus+ mobility projects offer you to improve your skills.

As you already may know, 2019 deadline for Erasmus+ Mobility for learners and staff is next: 5th February 2019. Should you be interested in submitting a mobility project by this date, ESMOVIA would be happy to be your partner in Spain.

ESMOVIA experience is the best way to access to a complete training, enjoying a city like Valencia, by the Mediterranean sea and third biggest city in Spain. Our 12 years of experience on the sector offer you the reliability to take the plunge.

Erasmus+ with Esmovia

For the next Erasmus+ call for proposals, we are ready to collaborate with you, especially under the following actions:

  • KA102 – Mobility project for VET learners and staff – for internships for students and job-shadowing for teachers
  • KA101 – Mobility project for school education staff – for structured courses for teachers
  • KA104 – Mobility project for adult education staff – for structured courses for teachers

Choosing to live the ESMOVIA Experience is choosing quality traineeships for students in over 600 private companies, public organizations and NGOs in the city of Valencia, some of them national and multinational corporations.
Choosing to live the ESMOVIA Experience is choosing job shadowing with the best professionals of Valencia and visiting the most advanced companies and schools.

Also, choosing to live the ESMOVIA experience is choosing the best seminars and structured courses provided by experts. In fact, there are already more than 500 European teachers who have decided to expand their knowledge in areas such as:

ESMOVIA philosophy is based on making you feel like at home so you can make the most of this experience. We offer advice and personalized guidance to the participants and 24 hours help desk. We can also organize the accommodation, the transfer from and to the airport and the local transports. To discover the city, we provide a Welcome City tour and cultural activities. We have the ESMOVIA Club that offers weekly free cultural and social activities.


Training, mobility and fun

ESMOVIA experience offers you the opportunity to improve your technical and linguistic skills and expand your knowledge. We certificate this knowledge, defining and evaluating learning outcomes according to the ECVET system. At the end of the programme, participants are given: language course certificate (if foreseen) with indication of level, certificate of participation issued by ESMOVIA and work placement certificate issued by the host company.

This is all that ESMOVIA experience include. You can find more information on our website and social networks. And remember that if you are interested in submitting a mobility project, the 5h February 2019 is the deadline for Erasmus+ Mobility projects.

ESMOVIA is ready to be your partner in Spain!

Esmovia experience an opportunity to learn